“Tramvaj” – Old tram café in Nis,Serbia

Visited: March 2018
Location: Nis, Serbia

If you ever get a chance to visit the city of Nis in Serbia, there is a place you should not miss – the old tram – “Tramvaj“. Unlike its name, it’s not a vehicle – it’s a restaurant. The premises look like an old tram carriage with a cozy atmosphere. The details are specific and charming, made with so much love. The café can offer you irresistible desserts and beverages and at the same time bring you into a fairy tale from childhood. The atmosphere is like an old tram, and the tables are the individual compartments. We have visited it three times in two days so that we can taste as many pastries as ice-cream cakes, pancakes, creamy cappuccino, peach compote with and ice cream in the form of an egg. But do not forget that in most restaurants in Serbia smoking is allowed and for some it can be a problem.